Sure you can buy it cheaper

The following pictures are typical examples of window tinting films bought because they were cheap and Joe Public makes the critical mistake of thinking all films are the same and so is the expertise in fitting it.....far from it in actual fact and we see evidence of it on our roads everyday.

We can't stress this enough.........It is not a product like Mc.Donalds where every hamburger is the same regardless of where you buy it from.

Cheap films with cheap installations sunburn with exposure and develop their own form of sun cancer.

This leads to expensive redos because more often than not, some of these films are horrendous to get off let alone budget for the replacement of high end performance films like we have.

Further to this and for those considering purchasing your new car with tinting before delivery..........aftermarket film is sub contracted out and it is sourced on price.

The greater the differential in markup, the greater the profit for new car dealers and their on site tinters aren't doing you any favours because they too are being done over.

I've also been asked of late as to whether my installation will affect new car warranty?

It doesn't and is a scare tactic to try and justify why you should only buy film from a car's rubbish!