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Thanks for a first class job of tinting our new Mazda CX5 GT, it looks sensational. While trying to find the right tint provider I found your advice to be spot on, and likewise the job was also spot on. Being able to watch your experience and skill in action showed how you can achieve such a great result. I will be recommending Car Tint to all friends and family and definitely bringing all future cars to you for the expert treatment.
Thanks again, 
Mike Thomas


Posted: 01 Dec 2006 15:11
Post Subject: Tinters a legend
"Picked up a white 2005 STI with 3,500ks a few months ago after 9 years with a MY97 WRX. I rang and took the car in for a tint job. Spent the whole time watching and talking cars. A brilliant job. I don't think that I have met a more professional, knowledgeable, friendly guy in all my years around cars and bikes"

Posted: 01 Sep 2006 14:33
Post Subject: Thanks Tinter
"Once again thank you so much on an excellent job tinting the new car. As always your attention to detail is first class"

Posted: 26 Sep 2006 17:56
Post Subject: Great work 
"Today I had tinted the front windows of my MY07 rex, and on very close inspection they had done a perfect job. Thanks for the meticulous work and I appreciate your explaining things"

Posted: 22 Apr 2006 11:17
Post Subject: Car tinted - looks awesome
"Hi guys,

Just wanted to thank you for not only his hospitality while i waited for my car to be tinted but also for the amazing job he did.

My car had been tinted before and was starting to turn purple and the worst of it was i could never get AM radio because the tint that was on before was the wrong tint for the car and was interferring with the radio antenna on the back window. So when Rob switched it, we tried to get the stations and whoop! perfect reception and was able to listen to the football, carlton vs hawthorn last night! go blues

So i am very happy with the work and would recommend to anyone, their experience in this industry is far beyond any makeshift tinter i have spoken to, who only wants your money and doesn't care what sort job or material they put on your car.

Thanks again!


The STiG
Posted: 25 Feb 2006 21:28
Post Subject: Another AWESOME TINT Job.....STi GT
"Anyone even remotely thinking of getting TINT done, for their home, their business or their Subaru, dont go any further. They do a fantastic.... AWESOME Job. Watching the man at work today on my STi GT was at just fantastic. Have to admit when pulling apart the door, I sort of had my heart in my mouth but not a mark, not a scratch to be seen anywhere. They seriously look after your car as if it is theiown.

Thanks again Mate for the awesome job.
Catch up with you again soon, no doubt the Mt Baw Baw Run, get on this too people.

Posted: 20 Jan 2006 07:56
Post Subject: Thanks
"Just a quick thank you for doing a wonderful job tinting my brothers Liberty Wagon yesterday- Im talking quality work, great service, attention to detail and a top bloke too!

Thanks and best regards,

Tony S"

ra2o STi
Posted: 25 Jan 2006 12:44
Post Subject: the Tinter~!
"You are the man ...

Just got my GTi and my gfs Mazda 3 tinted.

Very happy with the result and Onxy looks sick on my black car too
Once again, thanks .. !"

Rob has been tinting my various cars ,homes and business premise for more than 30 years ,his attention to detail and the quality/performance of materials used are second to none and I would have to say that Rob has no equal in the industry !
I have recommended many friends and customers to Car tint over the years with many of them calling me to thank me personally for the introduction to the best of all window tinters .
Ray Graham
Managing Director 
Automotive Burg Design P/L 

I just thought i would send you an email to say a big thank you for the fantastic job you did on tinting my Mercedes AMG C63.   It was refreshing to see a true professional at work!
Running a business myself i understand the need for the best levels of customer service which sadly is rarely found in many businesses today! This was certainly not the case with Car Tint!
It was good to see how the job should be done without unnecessary damage to the door panels and  rear window electronics,  an unfortunate consequence from my last visit to a well known car window tinting company!
Thanks again for you efforts, my car looks great!
I will certainly be recommending your services to my work colleagues and friends.
Best Regards,
Keith Roberts

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible tinting job you have done on our Mazda 2.
Having had many cars tinted by various people over the last 20 years, I can honestly say that I have now found the definitive expert. The care and attention to detail you show is second to none. I really appreciate your effort and honesty.
Once again thanks. 
Kind regards,
Phil Barker
Snr. Constable

Thanks for tinting our new Hyundai i30 -it looks great. It was so reassuring to deal with a person who knows what he is talking about and is so passionate about his product and standard of workmanship. We would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting a quality service and result.
Regards Ray & Viv

Posted: 31 Jul 2010 17:32 
Post subject: Big thanks - 08 WRX + 2010 Suzuki Swift Re4
This is a belated thanks for tinting the two front windows of my 08 WRX and my girlfriends 2010 Suzuki Swift Re4. I've been meaning to get some photos for ages to show the quality of the work and I finally got some quick snaps after washing both cars. The work is second to none - I had my last car tinted by one of those big, cheap, nasty mobile ones you hear on the radio and subsequenty had many issues which they would not honour were a result of their work. Rob had the time and politeness to let me into his workshop and talk me through every step of the process as he did it. I'm very protective of my car and he was very gentle with my door trims and even went as far to wipe up any overspray from the water bottle.

Very clean workshop and he even offered me coffee haha! My girlfriend and I were extremely happy with the tint job which was done and for the price quoted he is extremely competitive considering the quality of products which are used. I would definitely recommend anyone looking at getting their WRX, STi or any other car tinted to go see the guys, you won't be disappointed.

Thank You so much for the work you did on my Merc.
It was pleasing to see a master do he's craft and the final result was superb, the windows look FANTASTIC.
I was so happy with the result being the fussy person I am when it comes to my car.
I was also amazed at the care you took in doing the job and the attitude you had when working on my car that you treat the car like you owned it.
When I was looking at getting my windows done I looked at other places but I felt uneasy so I was rapt when I got on Google and found you.
A true Professional and Gentleman.
I wish you every success

Thanks Joe

Car Tint has also been sourced from the USA to write industry articles for international reading .such is our standing within the industry

Re: Rob from Car Tint Melb.
by nick2k » Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:52 pm

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the awesome TINT, my sunroof looking awesome and surprisingly no heat at all... now i never ever need to close that shade...Thanks a lot. Also for the nice conversation we had...i will see you soon as i require tinting at my place as well...!!!

And all you guys ... If you need TINT... ROB is your man...!!! He did an exceptional job on my new liberty .. and will highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a quality work..



Hi Rob,

Thanks for the fantastic Tint job you did on my new 200 Series Landcruiser today, it has added a  new dimension to my vehicle, your advice on what Tint to use and your step by step instruction on how you applied the tint was fantastic. Also your professional  eye for detail and the care you took with my vehicle, and the pride you took in carrying out this work, was a pleasure to watch, I will be recommending your services to anyone who is looking to have their car tinted. 


Thanks again

John Ricardo


Hi Rob,

I want to thank you for tinting the RAV4 yesterday. My wife is extremely happy with it and the job was done perfectly. Out of all the cars I have had tinted, I would say that the job you performed is by far the best. I would happily refer anyone requiring window tinting to you and will be back to see you for any future tinting that I may require.

Additionally, I really appreciate you helping me out with the battery too even though you had other jobs to attend to.

Take care.

Thanks again,
Anthony Bisignano




From: Rozbey
Sent: Saturday, 7 January 2012 7:10 AM
Subject: Mondeo Hatch 2011


Hi Rob,

Choosing  you to tint my Mondeo bypassed the many cowboys in the window tint business.   In addition, our discussion of car trivia while you worked was an unexpected bonus.

I had anticipated making a pedestrian tour of the adjacent Ford dealership and/or Car City,   Instead I spent some enjoyable hours chatting, while watching a meticulous professional exercise his skills. 

The excellent outcome, from both a practical and aesthetic viewpoint, is shown in the attached pix.   I intend to repeat the process with my next car.

My thanks and best regards,



From: Strachan, Mark []
Sent: Monday, 13 February 2012 2:48 PM
To: Rob Tait

Hi Rob,

Thanks again for the tint Rob, already had a compliment given to me on it today would you believe!!! Loving it the more I look at it! Looks stunning in the sun, it is really what the R32 was missing before!



Re: Rob from Car Tint Melb.
by SubMeister » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:58 pm

I just had my sunroof and front windows tinted by Rob -- and I am very, very pleased with the results. 

For those who are considering getting the sunroof done, I recommend it 100%.

When Rob told me over the phone that the tint was highly reflective, I was a bit hesitant at first because I was afraid it might have that mirrorized chrome look. But he reassured me that it would just blend in. So I trusted him and he was right. The car looks totally stock and clean, it should have come from the factory this way. It's much cooler now in the cabin on those hot summer days.

The sunroof aside, Rob does charge a bit more than other tinters out there. So what do you get for this extra premium? First, Rob's really knowledgeable about how our doors are put together. He showed me all the plastic clips and interior fasteners that hold the door and speakers together. He can take them out and put them back in with his eyes closed. Second, he's really careful not to scratch or nick the interior of the car. And third, he's a delight to deal with and treats his customers (even fussy ones like me) with patience and respect. Money well spent in my opinion, and would recommend other forum members to him.


From: Milka and Ashley []
Sent: Monday, 20 February 2012 12:17 PM
To: Rob Tait
Subject: Re: Repair on front window

Hi Rob, thanks for our help thanks for doing an excellent job . Thanks too for your knowledge and tips . Will be bringing my next new sti straight to you after I buy.

Regards Ashley


5th March 2012

Drives: 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Victoria, Australia
Posts: 6,066 FORUM

I thought it was strange there wasn't one on here so I've made one. Please post your rides Before and After Tint Pictures here.
The tint I got was called Charcool 35% by Madico. 35% is the darkest legal tint you can have in Australia. I had the car tinted at a company called CAR TINT PTY. LTD. There motto is "Setting the Standard"

The name of the tinter was Rob Tait and I'd highly recommend him to anyone who wants a perfect tint done. Rob is extremely thorough, professional and his enthusiasm for tinting and auto mobile's is outstanding.

You can sit and watch him work whilst having a friendly chat from anything from tinting to what cool apps you have on your iPhone. Rob's been tinting cars for 37 years and he himself was one of the pioneers of tinting cars in Australia.

He's tinted everything from Trams to Concept Vehicles  

I got to his shop at 8:30am and It was all finished at 1:10pm. Whilst you may think that is a long time, you can't rush perfection and perfection is what I got. I personally will never go anywhere else for tinting again. Anyone in Victoria, Australia would be mad not to go there for their tinting needs.


Fantastic professional - Could not be more delighted with job of installing 35% tint on my brand new ssv redline commodore.

It’s nice to meet and deal with a nice person - and that exactly who rob is.

The job he did was flawless





G'Day Rob,


When I last saw you 30 years ago I was certainly impressed with your skill, service provided and you looked after my XE Falcon S superbly.

Like "fine wine" the 30 years of maturity has resulted in an even higher standard.

Thank you for looking after my Falcon GT Cobra ~ great job.

Stay healthy.



Bob Cooper



Hi Rob,
Last Friday I was suprised by my boyfriend, Mo who had my windows tinted for my black Holden Cruze. Besides being totally suprised and spoilt I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the car, it looks fantastic and I am really happy with it and will definately be recommending you to anyone who wants their windows tinted.
Once again thanks for the brilliant job you are truly a master of your art!
Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.
Kind Regards,


G’day Rob,

Just following up on the Tinting that you did for me last week.
The job is absolutely fantastic and many thanks for the time and effort you put in which I know was a little more than usual as it was a new car for you.
Hopefully you will get some more i40s to do in the foreseeable future.
It was a real pleasure to be in contact with you over this matter and for explanations and attention to details and the care that was shown, it was really great !!

Thanks again Rob,

Cheers - David



Hi Rob,

I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely great job you did on my new Hyundai i30 that I had recently purchased.  I get browned off when you get the hard sell from the dealer to get your windows tinted and the paintwork protected after you have signed up for the car itself. I stomped out of the showroom and proceeded to find somewhere else to get my tinting done. I was lucky enough to find your website and after 5 minutes talking to you I knew I had found my man. You are a one man operation who has been in the business for nearly 40 years. Still utterly passionate about you work with a professionalism and an attention to detail that went far beyond the” just another job” approach.
I rolled in when you were completing an upscale black BMW for a dealer’s showroom. It did not seem to matter that your next job was my little Hyundai i30, your approach to the job was exactly the same.
A few hours later, my windows were perfect.  You really do set the standard for others to follow.
My windows are a top class job, and the price was less than the dealer quote. I could not have found another place that gave me a better job, or made my experience such an enjoyable one.

Thanks Rob.  Great Job.

Col Butler
20 -03 -2014


28 October 2014

Hi Rob,

Sorry this has been long overdue. Just got a chance to take a picture after the car is washed.

You have done a great and meticoulos job - no glass part is visible even in the hard to reach places. Watching you doing the work, I can say that you've gone on an extra effort to ensure that the job is perfect.

I could not recommend Rob highly enough, when comparing his work and dedication to other trade people.

best regards,



'Rob did an outstanding job tinting both our 2004 Ford Focus and 2004/05 Ford Explorer cars, although older vehicles; Rob explained the pitfalls and potential issues that he could face, but the results were quite incredible. Not only did he do two fantastic tinting jobs, he also picked me up from Ringwood train station after finishing work late in the city to collect my car from his business! - incredible service and a fantastic guy, I cannot recommend him highly enough (he even taught me how to take tint off without damaging your rear de-mister!)

All the best Rob!'


13 November 2015 
Hi Rob,

Thanks for the whole car tinting experience ! My i30 looks great and am very impressed with the job, your integrity and "old school" approach to achieving excellence in your craft. A rarity in today's fast pace of cash and grab business world.
For anyone considering car tinting I would highly recommend Rob as you will get A1 service and customer service to match.
It was great meeting you and thanks again for taking the time educating us on the whole car tint experience. Have a great Holiday when it comes and take care.

Rob Hale


17 February 2016 at 16:55:23 AEDT

Subject: Re: Testimonial
Rob tinted my wife's 2015 Mazda 3 Touring. 3 words to describe Rob and the high quality work he did......passionate, professional and meticulous. I hung around for an hour or so watching Rob tint the back window and front passenger side window while Rob educated me on the tinting process and the industry. Fantastic job. Highly recommend Rob and will be my first and only preference if I need a car tinted in the future. Thanks Rob!


18th July 2017
Hi Rob
We can only describe you as a perfectionist.
We have had so many comments on how great the car looks, and we'd totally recommend anyone to came and see you to get their car tinted . We'll definitely be getting our next cars tinted by you.
From meeting you, we can tell that you take pride in your work and that you share a passion for cars and their beauty.  Thanks for taking the time to explain about tints and the processes you go through (we agree with the "Charcool" to avoid any effects on the car's electronics, and "Onyx" sunroof to minimize heat transmission). We''ll also take up your advice on ways to protect the paintwork and carpets for our new car.
It was hard dropping the car off on the day, as we only picked it up our baby from the dealership 1 hour before. But it was comforting to know that you treated the car as if it were you own; and that you researched the correct way for removing door trims on this new release vehicle (no second guessing).
Our new CX5 Akera looks absolutely amazing. You're a pro.
Kind Regards,
Eddy & Yvette